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Texas Pays Crypto Mining Firm $175,000/Hr: Is Mining Really That Bad?

• Texas paid a bitcoin mining company, Bit Deer, around $175,000 per hour to shut off its machines in 2021 due to winter storms.
• This payment was given over a four day period in order to prevent any further damage to the state’s power grid.
• Crypto mining has been criticized by many eco-friendly individuals as it is seen as damaging the environment.

Texas Paid Crypto Mining Firm Money To Shut Its Machines Off

In early 2021, the state of Texas paid a bitcoin mining company called Bit Deer approximately $175,000 per hour so that they would shut off their machines and not put the power grid in trouble. This was due to devastating winter storms that had occurred in February of 2021 which caused blackouts and freezing temperatures for residents. It was feared that mining computers and other machinery used by companies like Bit Deer were utilizing too much electricity which could have powered up to 6,500 homes. The money was paid out over a four-day period while Bit Deer ceased activity and thus earned up to $18 million with no work done.

The Negative Reputation Of Crypto Mining

Crypto mining has unfortunately gained something of an unfavorable reputation among eco-friendly people who feel that it should be completely outlawed due to its potential harm on Mother Earth’s environment. They argue that the process is leading us down an irreversible path if it continues unchecked.

What Are The Benefits Of Mining?

Despite this negative stigma surrounding crypto mining, there are still plenty of benefits associated with it such as decentralizing digital assets and helping with data security measures for blockchain networks. Plus, many countries have embraced cryptocurrency technology as a legitimate form of currency and are actively investing into research and development programs related to digital assets and their associated technologies.


Ultimately it is clear that both sides need to come together in order to reach some kind of compromise when it comes to crypto mining operations so everyone can benefit from cryptocurrency technology without having detrimental impacts on our planet’s ecosystem. Until then however, we must continue staying informed on all developments related to digital assets so we can make sure our interests are being well taken care of!

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