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Doritos Launches NFTs on Polygon Network – Get Yours Now!

• Doritos is launching a metaverse experience in Decentraland (MANA) and NFTs in Polygon Network (MATIC).
• A musical metaverse mixer will be held on 8-10 February, with rewards such as custom gaming PCs, RTFKT & MeebitsNFTs, limited Edition Doritos wearables.
• Polygon CEO Sandeep Nailwal acknowledged the firm’s growth by welcoming Doritos to their platform.

Doritos Launching Metaverse Experience

Doritos is coming to Polygon with its pioneering metaverse experience in Decentraland (MANA). From 8-10 February they are hosting a musical metaverse mixer, where users can win various rewards including custom gaming PCs, RTFKT & MeebitsNFTs, limited Edition Doritos wearables and more.

Creating Avatar In-Game

Players can create an NFT avatar and use it in the game. They can change their hairstyle, clothing, skin, and shoes and try out various accessories. After typing their names into their 3D avatars they will be able to explore the triangular tower on the second floor of the studio.

Rewards For Players

Players stand a chance to win super rare NFT CloneX #12118 (Takashi Murakami drop), high end gaming PCs, legendary Larva Lab’s Meetbits #53 digital collectible as well as eight wearables – four unlocked and four locked – two custom gaming rigs from BRParadox. All these will be minted on the Polygon Network.

Polygon CEO Welcoming Doritos

Polygon CEO and co-founder Sandeep Nailwal took to his Twitter account acknowledging the firm’s growth by welcoming Dorito’s to their platform stating that “The reach of Polygon in the mainstream is mindboggling”.


The American chips producer is entering a new segment with its first ever metaverse venue – Doritos Triangle Studios – which offers players rewards for exploring its virtual world while also offering an immersive gaming experience like no other!