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Crypto Jacking: Crowd Strike Warns of New Threat to Kubernetes

  • Crowd Strike Holdings Inc., a security research firm, recently released a report about the first crypto jacking campaign targeting Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • The illicit mining of cryptocurrency is done by placing malware onto specific sites or applications that victims come across, using their electricity and power to mine crypto units.
  • Kubernetes users are being urged to use safety platforms as protection against sophisticated data breaches.

Crowd Strike Warns of Crypto Jacking Scheme

Crowd Strike Holdings Inc. – a security research firm – has recently released a report detailing what has been labeled the first crypto jacking campaign targeting the Kubernetes infrastructure. Crypto jacking is an old method of illegally mining cryptocurrency by placing malware onto specific sites or applications that victims come across. Once downloaded onto their system, digital currency mining software is implemented which uses the victim’s electricity and power to mine (without their knowledge or permission). In this instance, the attackers were seeking out Dero cryptocurrency, known for its anonymity and fully anonymous transactions.

Crypto Jackers Targeting Kubernetes Network

Attacks on the Kubernetes system have only begun in early February of this year and have occurred via three separate servers located in rural US. The process was far more complicated than seen in past attacks as hackers look for exposed vulnerable clusters on nonstandard ports with access to API’s for quick and anonymous access to coins.

How To Protect Your Infrastructure?

Given the popularity of Kubernetes as a container orchestrator, Crowd Strike urges all users hosting Kubernetes clusters to utilize protection platforms such as cloud-native safety platforms in order to fight off what are becoming increasingly sophisticated data breaches.

Is Crypto Jacking Still Around?

Yes! Although it has become less common since it first emerged some years ago, cybercriminals still utilize crypto jacking schemes when they can get away with it undetected – leaving victims with large energy bills while they profit from mining coins and building up their digital portfolios.

What Is Dero Cryptocurrency?

Dero is a new cryptocurrency launched in 2017 which supports fully anonymous transactions and is popular amongst illicit actors because like assets such as Monero, it offers anonymity. It is this same feature that made it an attractive option for these recent crypto jackers who targeted Kubernetes networks.